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It started with a passion...

Making the world’s finest hemp vodka started out as a challenge, in a Toronto distillery where no day goes by without a new innovation. The approaching legalization meant a world of exciting opportunities and  after getting our hands on some prime quality organic Canadian hemp, it was then and there in the Spring of 2018 that the adventure of inventing the perfect hemp vodka had started. 

100% Organic, 100% Canadian

Canadian® Hemp Vodka is a grain-based vodka, infused with 100% organic hemp, grown by Canadian farmers. After fermentation and distillation, the spirit is filtered through carbon filtration, resulting in a clean, pure, smooth spirit and mixed with reverse osmosis water. The resulting vodka is then infused with top quality, organic hemp, producing a natural, smooth and delicious spirit that is precisely what your taste buds would come to expect.

Canada - Hemp Capital of the World

Our logo consists of half of the Canadian maple leaf and half of a hemp leaf, signalling Canada’s leadership in this exciting new era.

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Canadian Hemp Vodka

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